Frequently Asked Questions

About Listener’s Bible

Where can I buy The Listener’s Bible?

The Listener’s Bible CDs and downloads are available through our vendor,, as well as other online retailers such as You can click the links above to search their websites, or click the Shop button on our homepage.

Which translations of The Listener’s Bible are available?

Max McLean has recorded the New International Version (NIV), the English Standard Version (ESV) and the King James Version (KJV). The 1984 NIV Listener’s Bible is played by 700+ radio stations across the country. While that version is not available for purchase, you can listen to it here.

Are there plans to record additional versions?

There are no current plans to produce new recordings or update existing ones.

How can I request a replacement CD?

If you received a product with a missing or defective CD, please contact the vendor from whom you made your purchase.

If you have lost a CD and would like a replacement, please create or log in to your Listener’s Bible account and contact’s customer service to receive a download. You may burn the download to a CD to add to your collection.

Which app should I use to access The Listener’s Bible readings?

While there is no Listener’s Bible app, Max McLean’s Bible readings are available through the free YouVersion Bible, BibleGateway and Bible Audio apps. You may also listen to the recordings through our website, Biblica or

Navigating Listener’s Bible recordings on Audible and iTunes:

Unfortunately, we are unable to redesign or retitle the books and chapters of each download. Please contact Audible or iTunes with your feedback.

Difficulty with The Listener’s Bible downloads:

If you are experiencing difficulties downloading the free Gospel of Mark, please contact us here.

If you purchased a download that is not working, please contact customer support on the vendor’s website. You can reach’s customer service here.

Who is the publisher of The Listener’s Bible?

The Listener’s Bible is published by HarperCollins Christian Publishing.

How can I get the rights to these recordings?

To request usage of The Listener’s Bible for commercial and not-for-profit purposes, please follow the licensing and permissions instructions on HarperCollins Christian Publishing’s website.